UX Issues In Fennec

Here I'm going to note a few UX issues in Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox web browser. First of all, I would like to thank Nokia Taiwan, who kindly send a N900 for us to test Fennec — can't have this done without their support.

If you don't know any about Fennec, it's basically a project which porting the whole Firefox experience to mobile devices. For more information, see the project wiki page.

Though Fennec is good enough for daily usage — if you have a N900, — the nature of touch screen devices still bring a lots of usability issue to this project. The awesome UX team solved a few, but surely, some of them are still there in the latest Fennec 1.1. Here's my list:

Select-and-go drop-down list with OPTION and JavaScript

Select and copy

Close window by accident (when you want to click a link on the top-right)

Some extension impacts performance hardly

Long page

Unusable media control (and drag 'n drop on touch screen issue)

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