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I would like to teach the world to sing. Also, this page is basically copied from

  • Project Lead: johnath
  • Choral consultant: madhava
  • Llama wrangling: dolske

Status / 目前狀況

I have a tape recorder, 3 llamas, and international performance rights for Flo-Rida's "Low".

Goals / 目標

  • Harmony

Non Goals / 非目標

  • Perfect harmony

Timeline / 時程

  • Feature-complete: march 1st
  • Live performance: march 32nd

These are the bugs of interest:

Bug Owner Status
bug 12345 - platform team sings offkey damons hopeless

Requirements / 需求

  • Due for semiannual music goal
  • Lyrics must be available for Tier-1 languages

Dependencies / 依存

  • Need a microphone resistent to llama spit

Testing / 測試

QA will help verify that the sound is harmonious. Link to test lead / plan.

Related Projects / 相關專案

See last year's "Teach the world to vocalize grunts" project.

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