Mozillian Asia

Just notes the idea to have a co-blog, to blog things around Mozilla communities in Asia.

Unlike Gen's blog "Mozilla in Asia," this blog is mainly for the local communities members. I think we should communicate more to learn from others, for example:

  • I'm very insteresting in 開發合宿 which happend in Japan — we even tried to host one in Taiwan.
  • As far as I know, non-IE browsers are hard to promote in Korea, and wish to heard more from them.
  • I believe that someone may be insteresting in , the grass-root marketing project from Taiwan.

Since Mozilla Planet is English-only, it (unintentionally) leaves other voices in different languages around the world. I admit that English is the "hub language," the fastest way we can communicate to each other (so I wrote this note in English.) But the fastest may not be the best, you might want to explore the possibility.

Why don't we start from create a multilingual blog?

The Creative Commons planet would be a good example, one planet with different languages. You might not understand the language the post wrote in, but you can definite learn what we are doing by photos, graphics, or even video clips. Also, computer-based translation technology (finally) meets the minimal requirements in between a few languages. Though not 100% or even 60% trustable, it still helps.

The Mozillian Asia blog could have

  • Aggregating: import the exist community blog directly, if avaliable. You don't have to post the same article in 2 places.
  • Comments: if you want to post comments on a post in most of (if not all) existed planet system, you have to click on the "origin post" link, and leave your message on the source site. It's good to have a single place to view all the comments on the same post, but is there other way to do this? Comment with a central "widget" (say, Facebook comment.) might be a possible solution, which can show the comments in both planet and source site.
  • Language tools:


…(not finished yet)…

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