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What is Mozilla?

  • Mozilla is a public benefit organization dedicated to improving the Internet experience for people everywhere
  • Mozilla is a community of tens of thousands of passionate people who have joined together to create, share and improve great software
  • Mozilla believes that free and open source software is fundamental to maintaining the Internet as a global public resource

What Does Mozilla Do?

  • Mozilla is the home of the award-winning Web browser, Firefox
  • Mozilla provides a secure Web experience users can trust
  • Mozilla makes free, open source software and nurtures a community where people aroundt he world are encouraged to participate
  • Mozilla provides a platform which enables software developers and entrepreneurs to create new applications and businesses

What ls The Public Benefit Mozilla Provides?

  • Mozilla builds social and civic value in to the Internet to complement economic value
  • Mozilla runs a transparent business, making public information regarding its financial transactions, product roadmap, security issues, and community involvement
  • Mozilla advocates for users on the Web, leading and applying pressure on other actors to do good

By cultivating an open, free and participatory Internet, Mozilla:
o Providesp eoplew ith world-classo, pen softwaref or browsingt he lnternet
o Provides a platform for software developers to build new applications
o Organizesa communityt hat participatesin makingt he Internett he best it can be
o lnvigoratesin dustry-widein novation
Who ls The Mozilla Community?
. Mozillai s a communityo f tenso f thousandso f people,i ncludingb othe mployeesa nd
volunteers.T he Mozillac ommunityin cludes:
c Entreoreneurs
o Academics
o Employees
o Technologists
o Students
. The Mozillac ommunityc ontributest ime and work to:
o - ldentify and help fix security bugs
o - Contribute millions of lines of code
o - TranslateM ozillap roductsin toa lmost5 0 languages
o - Create new add-ons for Firefox and Thunderbird
o - Market and spread Firefox
As of July 30, 2008
How Does Mozilla Provide A Secure Web Experience?
Mozillah as an unrelentinfgo cuso n securityb asedo n opens ourcep rinciplese, nsuringth at security
bugs are quicklyi dentifieda nd fixed
. Mozilla has a vast community of security experts who advocate for general consumers.
These experts design, develop, review, test and deploy security features and fixes
. Wth a vast crmmunity dedicated to keeping Firefox secure, Mozilla is able to find and
fix bugs faster
. Users get patches faster: 90% of active users updated within six days
. Mozillah as raisedt he bar:T herew as exploitc odea vailablefo r known,u npatched
critical security flaws in Firefox for a total of only nine days in 2006, v. 284 days for lE
(Washington Post)
What ls The Mozilla Platform?
. The open sourcep latformp rovidedb y Mozillaa llowsp rogrammersa nd entrepreneursto
buildn ew applicationse,x tensionsa nd launchb usinesses
. Successfulb usinessest hat got their start with the Firefoxp latform:
o StumbleUpo-n 3 millionu sers,a cquiredb y eBayf or $75 million
o Del.icio.u-s 1 millionu sers,a cquiredb y Yahoo!
c Joost- 1 milliond ownloadsb, uiltb y Skypef ounders
Gompany Timeline
' The Mozilla Project traces its roots to Netscape where the open source project was
formedi n February1 998;t he sourcec odew as releasedo n March3 1, 1999
. The MozillaF oundationw as foundeda s a nonprofiot rganizatioinn July2 003,w ith
approximately$ 3 millionf rom a varietyo f sources,t o guidea nd fostert he various
Mozilla project
. On November9 , 2004,M ozillaF irefox1 .0w as released
. Firefoxd ownloadss urpassed5 0 millioni n April2 005,d ownloadss urpassed4 00 million
in September 2O07
. The MozillaF oundationc reatedM ozillaC orporationin August2 005 to develop,m arket
and distributeM ozillap roductsin cludingF irefox
Fast Facts
. Numberd ownloadso f Firefoxt o date:o ver 600 million
. Currentm arkets hare: 19% worldwide( Net ApplicationsJ, une 2008|, 29% in Europe
(XiTiM onitor,M arch2 008)
. Number of active Firefox users. approx 180 million
. Number of languages Firefox is currently translated into: approx 50
' Sizeo f communityM: ore than 1000c ode contributoras nd tens of thousands of
testers, designers, writers, and more
. Firefox is currently used in every country in the world
. Numbero f fullt imeM ozillae mployees1: 60e mployees
. HeadquartersM: ountainV iew, CA
. Offices: Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Auckland, Toronto
. Firefoxi s the revolutionaryo, pen sourceb rowsert hat has changedt he Web by makingi t
safer for everyone and providing a platform for mass innovation
. Keepsy ou secureo n the Web, protectingy ou from onlines cams
. Allowsy ou to personalizey our browserw ith thousandso f usefula dd-ons
. Firefox stands for openness, innovation and freedom on the lnternet
. Delivers the best browsing experience to the widest set of people
As of July 30, 2008

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