What's JetQRCode?


JetQRCode is a Jetpack extension which can generate QRCode.

With JetQRCode, you can easily get QRCode of…

  • (shortened) URL of current tab
  • selected text

And you can choose…

  • the output encoding of the QRCode
  • the image size, from 150px to 500px

Install JetQRCode from Jetpack Gallery. If you don't have Jetpack in your Firefox, Jetpack Gallery will install it first.

For Google Chrome users: you can use this extension with Google Chrome now, install JetQRCode 0.4 for Google Chrome here.


Get QRCode of selected text

Show the QRCode with lightbox

Settings of JetQRCode (0.3.7)

How to use?

Get the QRCode of current page's URL

  1. Click the QRCode icon on status bar.
  2. … that's all :P

Get the QRCode of selected text

  1. Select some text on web page.
  2. Choose Get QRCode in context menu (Win/Linux: right click; Mac: Ctl-click)

Close the QRCode lightbox

  • Just click on the lightbox.

In about:jetpack > Installed Features you can click on the settings link after JetQRCode item to set your preference:

  • Shorten: JetQRCode can shorten the URL with (or first, then use the shortened URL to generate QRCode. It's good for decoder in your mobile device, but could be slow and have privacy issue1. If you wanna try it, you can enable it here.
  • Output encoding: The encoding of messages in QRCode. The default is UTF-8, you might want to switch to Shift_JIS if you have a Japanese mobile phone.
  • Image size: You can decide how big the QRCode image is, from 150x150 to 500x500.

Known issues

  • The QRCode is actually generated by Google Chart API — again we have privacy issue2. Check Google's Privacy Policy, if you don't like it please don't use this extension.
  • [bug] Should not add a menuitem when nothing selected.
  • [bug] Can't create QRCodes for text selected in form elements.

Future ideas

1.0 target: full-featured extension for create QRCode with content on web page.

Please provide your ideas on JetQRCode with Review on Jetpack Gallery page. Feel free to take these ideas if you're building your own QRCode application.

Generating QRCodes

  • Button to create QRCode of shortened URL when the feature disabled in setting.
  • Auto-prefix "TEL:" to numbric selection then generate QRCode (0.4.1)
    • Disable by default, users can enable this feature in Settings. (0.4.1)
    • When enabled, show a button in QRCode lightbox to turn this feature off temporarily.
  • Get QRCode of link[href] or image[src] (0.4.5)
  • Read .vcf and turn it into QRCode on the fly. (0.4.5)
  • Expose microformats, like hCard, geo, as QRCode

Save QRCodes

  • Save QRCode with related information (0.5)
  • Print saved QRCodes. (0.5.2)
  • Combine saved information and create QRCode. (Name+tel+email+url = vcard) (1.0)

Other ideas

  • L10n.
  • Email the QRCode to your friend.

Thank you

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