Default Settings of CamStudio For UX Test

CamStudio, for Windows, can record the entire screen and voice, plus a few features to make it a good software for UX Test, and it's free software (amazing!) Here's my default setting of CamStudio:

Video Options

  • Compressor: Microsoft Video 11
  • Quality: 65
  • Check the Auto Adjust in the frame rate section

Cursor Options

  • Check Show Cursor, and Use Actual Cursor2
  • I use light yellow Circle in Halfsize (the default value) for Highlight Cursor


  • Check Record audio from microphone in the main Option menu
  • Audio Options > Audio Options for Microphone
    • Recording Format: 11.025 kHz, mono, 16-bit
    • Keep the default value in other sections.

Program Options

The worst part of the setting UI in CamStudio, IMO.

  • Check these options:
    • Minimize program on start recoding
    • Hide flashing rectangle during recording
    • Save setting on exit
    • Capture translucent/layered Windows
  • In Play AVI file when recording stops, choose Do not playing AVI file3.
  • In Temporary directory for recording, choose Use Windows temporary directory.
  • In Recording Thread Priority, choose Above Normal.
  • In Name of AVI file, choose Automatic file naming

CamStudio should have someone revisit this part of UI, really inconvenient.

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